3. File sizes and formats



When we click on a resource we are shown all the available metadata for that resource, and also a list of available versions. You'll see that ResourceSpace has automatically created various image sizes for us, which are available for download in addition to the original file. As with metadata fields, these various sizes and formats are completely configurable.

ResourceSpace will automatically create different sizes and formats not only for photos, but for videos, documents, and audio files.

We can also add our own variations quickly and attach those also, for example, we can attach a photoshopped version of the file to the resource record for others to download. This has many other uses, for example, it can also be used to attach licenses to stock images and transcripts and subtitle files to videos.

In addition to the standard sizes, the transform function allows us to quickly select the pixel dimensions, drag to select a crop area, choose a format, and download our own custom variation. This means your users spend less time in image editing software when preparing web content, for example.