Collections, Public Collections and Featured Collections

Collections are not folders; resources are not stored in collections

Due to the structure of ResourceSpace, good organisation and management of resources is necessary to ensure that contributors, administrators and users of the system can collect and access resources in a flexible manner. Collections are the basis upon which Featured Collections and Public Collections are built.

Collections are a way of storing a group of bookmarks to resources for a particular purpose or palette. Resources can exist within multiple collections and a collection can contain as many bookmarks to resources as required. You might create a Collection to contain a set of marketing material or organise a particular project to make it easy to go back to time and time again.

Public Collections work the same as collections but are used to allow wider access to the collection and its resources, regular collections are primarily for the individual to manage resources for themselves.

Featured Collections are promoted Public collections. An Administrator uses Featured Collections to promote resources to users via a separate page. A user could very quickly find new content on the system or scan through collections looking for inspiration or a starting point for their collection building. Featured Collections help make content more accessible and visible to users.

Common Mistakes

Collections are not folders, Resources are not stored in collections. A collection essentially just stores bookmarks to resources. You can access and edit those resources as a group but deleting that collection will not delete the resources.

Resources are free within ResourceSpace. Everyone can have a collection with a resource in but a resource that isn't in a collection or theme is also easy to find. If you are looking for some resources, try just searching for keywords or go to the advanced search so you can see all the metadata fields that might help narrow your search down.

People commonly try to search collections as if they were folders. Unless your administrators are refreshing all featured collections and public collections every day, people are going to keep using the same resources over and over again.