Collections, public collections and featured collections

Because resources within ResourceSpace may be tagged with many different types and pieces of metadata, there is no need to store them in a traditional hierarchical folder structure in order to know where to find them. This means that any given resource may exist in as many separate collections as required and can be found by a search on their metadata alone.

A collection can be made from an upload batch, a set of search results or just by grouping together individual resources which you want to access in one place or are more useful as a set.

Most collections start life as a private collection, but Administrators may choose to make a collection public so that other users are able to see it. If the collection contains resources which are particularly useful and the Administrator wishes to promote, they may additionally publish it as a Featured Collection.

Note that all resources exist within ResourceSpace in their own right and so can be accessed outside of any collection they are in. Making a collection private will not hide the resources themselves, this is done by user group permissions.