How ResourceSpace solves... Public access

Organisations typically use a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform as an internal system. A repository for all their digital assets where employees and trusted third-parties can access images, videos and documents.

When there's a marketing campaign to launch or sales collateral to produce, the required assets will be sourced from the DAM and used accordingly. But what if you have a whole load of assets you want to remain publicly available - without having to publish them in a blog post, web page or on social media?

The challenge

Your organisation has a collection, or multiple collections, of digital assets you want to share with the world. Not for a one off marketing campaign, but in a permanent location that is easily accessible. This is often needed by arts and heritage institutions that have huge archives of digital assets they want to make available to the public.

Unfortunately, simply dedicating a section of your website to these assets isn't ideal.

Web pages aren't up to the task of hosting a large number of high quality images. Big file sizes lead to slow websites, which doesn't just lead to poor user experience, but also negatively affects SEO.

Our solution

ResourceSpace's anonymous access feature allows you to open up whole asset collections without requiring a DAM login.

These public collections can be managed in the same way as every other collection in ResourceSpace, allowing you to choose which resources can be viewed and what metadata can be accessed. It even allows for uploading and downloading of assets if required.

Once set up, a non-registered user can visit your ResourceSpace URL and view the resources you have allowed access to, without requiring user credentials.

A number of organisations use ResourceSpace in this way, including the not-for-profit Centre for Ageing Better.

Aging Better Screenshot

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In 2021, the organisation launched a free digital library of positive and realistic images of older people. The goal was to depict old age in a more positive way than you typically see in the media. In total, the library showcases over 400 high resolution images that challenge old age stereotypes.

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