How could AI and DAM work together?

There have been some big advances in artificial intelligence in 2022. From the GPT-3-powered for copywriting to OpenAI's DALL-E for image creation, the pace of development has many experts predicting it's a case of when, not if, brands will be routinely making use of AI software.

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AI tools will play a big part in content creation in the future, and naturally this is going to have an impact on the Digital Asset Management space.

Let's take a look at how AI could - and already does - work together with DAM.

Automated AI tagging

An effective DAM system is built on metadata. Comprehensive tagging of digital assets allows DAM users to quickly and easily find the content they need, but manual tagging of each asset can take a long time.

Automated AI tagging makes this process much faster - and it's already here.

For example, ResourceSpace's AI metadata tagging functionality recognises objects, items, and faces. Visible in an image and prompts appropriate keywords. What's more, identified text, places and logos can be read to separate fields, meaning these are also searchable.

Our Facial Recognition function can also identify specific people as the platform 'learns' from previously tagged faces.

Speech-to-text conversion

If you're using your DAM to store audio files, you might also be using it to store transcriptions of those files. However, if you've ever transcribed an audio file, you'll know how time-consuming this can be.

AI-powered speech-to-text conversion will be able to analyse audio and video files, converting spoken words into text, greatly shortening the process of transcribing those files. The more audio files the AI scans, the better it will get at identifying words. These transcriptions will also be searchable, making it so much easier to find the audio or video files you need.

Ensure brand consistency

Ensuring brand consistency is already one of the big drivers of Digital Asset Management adoption. By closely controlling access permissions and providing a 'single source of truth' for all your digital assets, the chances of people within your organisation using incorrect imagery is greatly reduced.

AI will be able to make this even more robust.

Wherever a brand element is used - whether that's a logo or colour scheme - the AI will be able to identify the asset and ensure it fits with your current brand guidelines.

Asset deduplication

Do you often find your DAM's storage is being wasted by asset duplicates and similar images? AI functionality will be able to make the process of deduplicating digital assets so much simpler - saving you time and money.

AI will scan all of your images and identify both similarities as well as duplicates, without requiring specific data values or identifiers.

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