Version 8.4: Google VR view, Video Tracks upgrades & more upload options

We believe that DAM software should never stay static, and once again, our developers have been hard at work to bring you the latest updates, upgrades and enhanced features for our latest release of Resource Space.

We're excited to announce Version 8.4 and the additions it brings to your Digital Asset Management. Here's an overview of what's new:

Panoramic 360° Previews with Google VR

Our newest plugin is for Google VR View, and allows you to see a preview of those incredible 360° videos and images straight from the resource view page.

Simply upload your VR videos and images directly to Resource Space, and the Google VR View integration will let you see all your stunning 3D, 360° files right from the browser - making it easy to choose exactly which shots you want to use.

Additional enhancements for Video Tracks

Our Video Tracks feature is extremely popular, and our latest release upgrades its functionality even further. You'll now be able to use original files to create custom video formats without needing any alternatives or subtitles.

Even more uploading options

One of the central features of ResourceSpace is our excellent uploading facilities, and we're always looking for extra ways we can improve this experience even further. Our latest release brings some upgrades here too.

If you want to upload an original image and its alternatives, you can now do this all in one batch, reducing any unnecessary admin time and speeding up the upload process.

We've also added brand new options to help with faster metadata entry too. In the 'Upload then edit' mode, after you've uploaded a batch of resources, you can lock individual fields on the metadata page. This data will then be carried across automatically to the next resource.

It's a great feature if you're uploading resources that share similar properties, and will help speed up and simplify the metadata process.

Refining the UI with useful tweaks

Version 8.4 of ResourceSpace also includes several small updates to the usability and aesthetics. We want to make our DAM software as user friendly as possible with:

  • Upgrades to the interface with the removal of superfluous dividing rule lines
  • A more enhanced view of options on the search header for easier use
  • And an improved layout for the dash tile builder.

Upgrade your DAM with ResourceSpace version 8.4

You can find out more details about all the upgrades and enhancements to our innovative DAM software by visiting

Or if you're new to ResourceSpace, take a look at our products features page for a great overview of our features and benefits, and how we can help you with Digital Asset Management. When you're ready to get started, we'd love you to enjoy a free trial.