A peek into ResourceSpace's future plans with the ResourceSpace CTO

In this article, ResourceSpace's Chief Technology Officer, Dan Huby, shares the essential considerations that are shaping the company's approach to the next stage of DAM evolution.

When we first developed ResourceSpace, our goal was pretty straightforward. We wanted to make managing digital assets more efficient and more cost-effective for a single customer, Oxfam. Over the years, we've grown from that initial project and expanded our scope significantly, but our approach has remained the same. We're not chasing industry buzzwords or looking to be the 'next big thing' in the DAM industry. Instead, we're sticking to our founding principles, concentrating on crafting a reliable, down-to-earth tool that aids users across the spectrum - from charitable organisations to commercial enterprises - in accomplishing their tasks with greater efficiency.

That guiding principle has not only shaped our past development but also continues to inform our roadmap for the future. We're committed to making ResourceSpace better with each update, always with the end goal of making digital asset management easier for our users. Here are some of the areas we're focusing on as we plan for the future development of ResourceSpace:

1. Focusing on real-world usage

In an era where user experience is paramount, we're really focusing on how our customers interact with our system - how they use it in their everyday tasks. Last year we teamed up with UX experts at Fruto to reassess the entire user experience of the platform. This partnership has given rise to an ongoing series of enhancements.

We've been gradually implementing changes with each successive release and noting customer feedback. And we're not stopping here; there's always room for improvement. The aim is to create a system where functionality meets simplicity, making digital asset management as hassle-free as possible.

2. Planning for business growth

Businesses evolve and so do their needs. At ResourceSpace, we don't want our customers to outgrow us. So we're always considering how our system will handle more data, more users, and more complex use-cases. We're committed to growing with our customers and supporting their needs as they expand.

Beyond planning for increasing volumes of data and users, the ResourceSpace team is also focused on system efficiency. As we grow together with our customers, it's not just about managing more data or accommodating more users. It's also about ensuring that our system remains fast, responsive, and reliable under an increasing load. We're constantly looking at our system's performance, identifying areas where we can optimize and streamline. By doing so, we're making sure that as your business scales up, ResourceSpace remains a dependable partner in managing your digital assets.

3. Thoughtful AI integration

AI and Machine Learning are buzzwords that are thrown around a lot, but we've been taking a more pragmatic approach. AI is exciting - and the potential is huge - but we’re proceeding cautiously. We're researching how to use it effectively, to improve search results and automate mundane tasks, without getting carried away by the hype.

ResourceSpace already uses GPT-3 to automate metadata processing, a function that users have found incredibly useful in managing their assets. But the team isn't stopping there. We're excited about our upcoming release which will upgrade this feature to support GPT-4, bringing even more precision and context-sensitivity to our automatic metadata generation.

A sneak peek into the future of AI integration at ResourceSpace: we've got an internal R&D project looking at multi-modal support – essentially, integrating AI capabilities with image processing. As I wrote for DAM News recently, this will be a game-changer for DAM. It's early days, but the preliminary results are very promising.

4. Data security and privacy

In a time when data breaches and privacy concerns are on the rise, we're putting a heavy emphasis on security. Our customers' data security isn't something we take lightly. It's not merely about meeting legal standards; it's about gaining and keeping our customers' trust. We're constantly working with third-party security firms to perform comprehensive security analysis, ensuring no potential vulnerabilities are overlooked.

Being ISO27001 certified, we have a structured framework that guides us in maintaining stringent security measures, promoting best practices in our development process.

5. Prioritising interoperability

Interoperability is a key consideration in the evolution of digital asset management. Our clients use a multitude of systems and tools in their daily operations. It's crucial for us to ensure that ResourceSpace can communicate effectively with these various systems. We're continually working on enhancing our API to enable seamless workflows and ensure our DAM platform plays well in the diverse tech ecosystems of our clients.


ResourceSpace is here to make managing digital assets easier for everyone. We’re working on improvements every day. Our goal is to make sure the system is useful, secure, and works well with other tools you use. Why not see for yourself? Sign up for a free ResourceSpace system today – we're offering 10GB storage to get you started.