ResourceSpace 10.0 - UX and performance upgrades

ResourceSpace 10.0 includes a significant upgrade to free-text metadata storage and search performance. Security has been enhanced by the use of prepared statements throughout the database code, and has also boosted performance. Furthermore, the user interface has been updated in several areas.

We've made big changes, behind the scenes, to the way in which ResourceSpace uses SQL. Without getting too technical, this is responsible for the way searches are executed and resources are created and edited.

We've introduced 'prepared statements'. These are templates that allow the system to store and find data much more quickly.

This concludes over a year's worth of work and, combined with a further change to the way ResourceSpace stores fixed list data, uploading and searching will be noticeably faster.

There are several changes to front end functionality too.

We've made it easier to manage resource metadata tabs and simplified the process for setting up user permissions.

We've improved the customisation capability of ResourceSpace by allowing the upload of a custom font to ResourceSpace to use throughout the system.

Visually ResourceSpace is now slicker too with workflow specific icons on search thumbnails so you can easily see which workflow, or archive, state your resources are in. All pages across the system now have titles to help with navigation - and the breadcrumbs have been re-styled to make them clearer. The search result display has also been redesigned.

More details about these developments and everything else included in ResourceSpace 10.0 are available on our version history page.