Did you know? Automatically perform actions based on resource metadata

Controlling how and when your digital assets are used is essential for effective branding, copyright protection, and security. But for busy organisations, with large digital asset libraries, managing resources that have a time limit on usage rights can be tricky.

ResourceSpace's Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform provides an automated solution that streamlines this process - the Action Dates plugin.

ResourceSpace's Action Dates plugin

Using resource metadata, the Action Dates plugin automatically archives files once an expiry date is reached. The plugin watches a specific date field and notifies users when the date is approaching. Once the access period has lapsed, the resource moves to a different workflow state (of your choice) and stops appearing in searches. This means you can be sure the right people are using your files at the right time.

Administrators can easily set up this process and reduce the time spent on manual file management tasks.

Watch the video to see just how simple it is to use Action Dates.

When would you use the Action Dates plugin?

There are various uses for the Action Dates plugin.

For example, educational institutions may want to make access to certain study material time-limited. Organisations concerned about copyright and consent dates rely on Action Dates to ensure that the media they share is only accessible within a specific time frame, so users will only be able to view and interact with your assets during that period.

Using metadata to trigger time-relevant actions is the smart way to manage your digital assets effectively. Action Dates is a scalable solution that allows you to take charge of your growing resource library with the assurance that your assets are protected and correctly deployed.

Download the free version of ResourceSpace here and try the Action Dates plugin for yourself.