Image tools



Enables simple editing to produce rotated, cropped or scaled images. This plugin also allows for modification of the home slideshow image using resources that have previously been uploaded to ResourceSpace.

To open the transform plugin:

  1. Browse to the resource you want to edit
  2. Select "Image tools" from Resource Tools

Image actions

Select the required action. The options available will vary depending on permissions and plugin configuration.

  • Download - simply select the required format and download the resultant file
  • Replace slidehow image - Set the options as required. The dimensions will be set automatically and the selected area scaled to fit
  • Save as alternative file - enter a name and description for the new file
  • Transform original - use the output file to replace the original file
  • Use as preview image - use the output file as the preview image for the resource

Note that the output file format for a given action will affect the level of compression which can be achieved. When working with a high resolution lossless format image such as a TIF, you should select an output format other than TIF to achieve compression.

Image tools

The icons next to the image allow for simple editing and adjustments

  Crop Allows you to drag a crop area out of the image. You can freely select an area or enter required dimensions which will then fix the crop aspect ratio. Alternatively you can select from a list of preset social media sizes
  Reset Resets all tweaks and transformations
  Rotate Rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise
  Flip vertically Mirrors the image around a vertical axis
  Flip horizontally Mirrors the image around a horizontal axis
  Adjustments Allows you to tweak the gamma levels of the image. Click 'Update preview' to see the change

Custom options can be added to the list of preconfigured sizes in the drop down list:

$custom_cropper_preset_sizes = array(
   "My Custom Sizes" => array(
       "Website header"    => "300x300",
       "Newsletter banner" => "1250x250",

Extra options

The following options may also be available if configured

Embed resolution information

If enabled this will embed suggested resolution information in the image metadata (used by software such as Photoshop).

Please be aware that embedded resolutions do not change the actual size or quality of the resultant image and any image can be printed at any size once downloaded.

Quality option

If the plugin option 'Allow user to select the quality of resultant file (JPG/PNG only)' is enabled the user will have the option to choose from a predefined list of quality settings (JPG and PNG files only). The available options can be changed by a system administrator in the global system configuration file using the '$image_quality_presets' array variable.

Use sRGB option

If enabled by the administrator, the user can ensure that the resultant file is created with the sRGB profile. If the option is not available then by default all transformation actions will use the sRGB profile.

Batch Transform

This enables basic batch rotation functionality for a collection of resources and is only available if 'Enable Batch Transform' is set in the plugin configuration page. The link is available from the collection drop-down options. Note that CW = Clockwise, CCW = Counter Clockwise

Batch transform will apply the action to all resources within that collection that fit the configured requirements.