Giving back: The heart of our ethos

At Montala, the driving force behind ResourceSpace, we've always believed in the spirit of community and collaboration, principles that are deeply rooted in the world of open source software. This belief in sharing, improving together, and giving back is not just confined to how we develop ResourceSpace; it extends to our commitment to community volunteering. For us, it's a natural extension of our core ethos—just as we build software that benefits from the collective input of a global community, we strive to give back to our local communities through various volunteering initiatives.

This approach reflects our understanding that a business thrives not just through its products or services, but through its positive impact on the world around it. Furthermore, this commitment to giving back has brought countless benefits, not only to the communities and charities we support but also to our team, especially in the context of our hybrid-working setup.

We're big believers in rolling up our sleeves and helping out where we can. It's a simple idea that comes from wanting to do our bit for the places and people around us.

Getting stuck in

Our team has lent a hand to a variety of projects. Whether it’s getting muddy at Pennyhooks Farm Trust, sorting out at Phoenix Enterprises, or sprucing up wildlife habitats, we’re there. Each project gives us a chance to step away from our screens and see the immediate impact of our efforts. It’s not glamorous, but it’s genuinely rewarding.

Take our day at the National Animal Welfare Trust, for example. Cleaning stables and reorganising food stores might not sound like much fun, but seeing the immediate impact of our work was a great feeling. It’s the same with every project we tackle, from mental health charities like Restore to environmental efforts with the Wilts and Berks Canal Trust.

Why it matters in a hybrid world

With some of us in the office and others working from home, finding ways to feel like a team can be tricky. Volunteering gives us that chance to come together, do something positive, and share a few laughs along the way. It’s about more than just team building; it’s about creating shared memories and experiences that don’t involve work.

These days out also help us develop skills that are handy back at the office, like problem-solving and working together. Plus, they remind us that there’s a world outside our work bubble, full of people and causes that could use a hand.

The plus side for Montala

While we don’t volunteer just for the sake of it, there are benefits that come back to us. It’s good for morale, showing us that we can make a difference. It breaks the routine, which can spark creativity and fresh ideas. And, without making too much of a fuss about it, it shows the kind of company we are: one that cares about more than just the bottom line.

In a world where work can be done from anywhere, these volunteering days help keep us connected. They’re a reminder that, even if we’re not always in the same room, we’re part of the same team.

Keeping it going

As we look ahead, we’re keen to keep this spirit of volunteering alive. It’s about doing our bit, supporting each other, and having a positive impact. After all, it’s the small efforts that often make the biggest difference. And for us at Montala, that’s what it’s all about.