Embracing flexibility: Why the ResourceSpace team is sticking to hybrid working

Recently, the discussion about going back to the office has really taken off. Big names like Zoom, Starbucks, Disney and Google are all keen to see their staff back at their desks. This move has sparked quite a bit of chat, with many feeling it's more about keeping an eye on employees than boosting productivity.

The problem here is how we're judging productivity. If we're only looking at whether someone's sitting at their desk rather than what they're actually doing, it's not really the right way to do things.

Here at Montala, we're taking a different path. We've noticed that our productivity hasn't dropped — in fact, we're doing better than ever. Our team members can choose to work in the office if they want, and quite a few do pop in, but we've also found we don't need as much office space as before and, in fact, have rented out our top floor to another software company, keeping a smaller office and a large social space, downstairs, for ourselves. Our mix of office and home working means people can get together when needed but also have the peace and quiet for focused work when necessary.

Keeping things real

For us, being productive isn't about clocking in and out; it's about what we accomplish. During this time of change, our team has shown that they're just as effective, if not more so, working in a way that suits them best. This has really proven to us that the old way of measuring productivity — basically, just seeing if someone's at their desk — is out of date.

Choice matters

We know everyone's different, so we offer our staff the choice to work how and where they like. Our offices are always open for those who prefer being there, and we've noticed it's the preferred spot for some, but working from home has been a game-changer, especially for tasks that need a lot of concentration, like coding or planning projects.

Making the most of our space

With more of us working remotely, we've taken a good look at how much office space we actually need. By leasing out part of our building to another tech company, we're not just saving money; we're also creating a more space-efficient, supportive environment. It's about being smart with our resources.

The best of both worlds

Our approach gives us flexibility. It means we can get together when we need to and work quietly when we don't. This balance makes sure everyone feels part of the team, no matter where they are.

To tie it all together, being 100% employee-owned means we all have a say in how we work. This setup isn't just about the bottom line; it's about respecting each other and our different ways of working. We believe that when people have a choice in how they work, everyone benefits. It's a testament to trusting each other and knowing that together, as owners of our company, we're all in it to make Montala not just a place to work, but a place where we all thrive.