Why ResourceSpace is perfect for... product marketing

Product marketers have never had more on their plate.

Although in the past they only had to worry about creating physical promotional content—brochures, posters, catalogues etc.—today they are marketing their products on multiple social media channels, websites (including having to think about mobile responsiveness) and display ads, as well as legacy media.

This is made all the more difficult when digital assets aren't properly managed—but there is a solution.

ResourceSpace is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform used by some of the world's leading product marketing brands, including Nokia, TOMY, Mazda and AutoTrader, but what is it about our platform that makes it ideal for this sector?

Maintain brand consistency

When digital assets aren't stored and managed in a single central location it's very easy for outdated imagery to be used. Continuity errors in branding aren't ideal for any business, but for product marketing, using the wrong assets can be a much more significant issue.

Consumers need to know that the product depicted by an image is the product they're buying. Mismatches in expectation and reality make returns or bad reviews more likely.

Everything being centralised also reduces the chances of your team sharing the wrong version of an asset with each other, or with external partners. Let's consider an example:

Without ResourceSpace

Laura asks Stephen if he has the latest images of a product that needs to be added to the website.

Stephen searches for the images on his Google Drive and finds what he thinks are the most up-to-date versions.


These new images are different to the ones Laura had on her local machine so she assumes these must be right. Laura can run with these, or ask someone else in the team. It's a time-consuming and altogether uncertain process, though.

With ResourceSpace

Laura doesn't have to ask Stephen or anyone else in her team for the latest product images. They're all stored in one place, in the DAM, and it's clear which version she needs. The DAM admin might have even restricted Laura's access so she can only download the latest versions.

What's more, Laura can find them easily by searching for keywords related to the images she needs—she doesn't need to know the exact file names or which folder they're stored in.

Manage multi-channel campaigns quickly and easily

Nowadays, promoting a product online requires multiple assets, tailored for every channel, including physical as well as digital.

Not only does ResourceSpace ensure you're using the right images, but you can also create new versions on the fly:


ResourceSpace saves you from having to create, store and share multiple versions of images so you can get back to what you do best—running first rate product marketing campaigns.

"We needed a self-service system, which didn't involve our people spending time sourcing on their behalf. We've been really happy with the system - we couldn't be happier. It's user friendly, and everybody loves it."

KENDRIN GEERDES, Senior Graphics Manager, TOMY

Never lose an asset again

Without a DAM platform your digital assets will become disorganised, and fast. Even if your organisation uses an alternative like Google Drive, Dropbox or Sharepoint, you have very little control over where multimedia files and documents end up.

ResourceSpace lets you restrict editing and sharing permissions to the people that need it, and clearly categorise assets with relevant metadata that means you never lose an image, video or document ever again.

If you're a product marketer and you're still not using a Digital Asset Management platform you're wasting time, as well as running the risk of losing control over your branding.

Still not convinced? You can try out ResourceSpace for free, with 10GB of cloud storage, no limits on users or feature restrictions. There's nothing to lose, so why not see what all the fuss is about?