Why ResourceSpace is perfect for... charities

From helping disadvantaged people in the developing world to funding treatment and support for people affected by disease, charities all over the globe are doing incredible work that's changing lives for the better.

Fundraising from the general public is essential for charities to continue that work, but to do that they need to be able to show what they do and why they need to do it. Digital visual assets are key to this.

ResourceSpace is relied upon by some of the world's best known charities and non-profits, including Unicef, Oxfam and Macmillan Cancer Support, but what makes our Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform so perfect for this sector?

Focus on the things that make a difference

As a charity you want to be focusing on the things that make a difference in the world, and not have to spend hours on admin tasks or troubleshooting imperfect software.

ResourceSpace makes it easy for your team to access, share and utilise images, videos and important documents - wherever they are in the world.

ResourceSpace has been instrumental in streamlining our process for finding, sharing and properly crediting images.

Dario Berrebi, Habitat for Humanity

With ResourceSpace, you'll have a simple, centralised location for all of your digital assets. Whether you're in the main office or out in the field, an internet connection is all you'll need to access those all important images.

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A single source of truth

So many of the charities we speak to are struggling to manage their digital assets across multiple systems. It's unclear who has access to what, what usage permissions apply to each asset and which versions are actually the most up to date.

This causes all sorts of problems, but ResourceSpace creates a single source of truth; a centralised DAM system that unites the entire organisation.

What's more, because ResourceSpace uses metadata as the primary method of organisation, images can be classified in lots of different ways. This makes it really easy to find the assets you need quickly. All the essential information about an asset, for example who to credit, usage restrictions and licensing details, is also stored right there with the file, meaning you don't have to look in multiple places.

We can upload, share and store our best visual files across all our global channels for staff across the CARE world to instantly access - significantly improving our ability to respond in a coordinated manner, and at speed.

Chandra Prasad, Photo Library Co-Ordinator, CARE international


Share assets and sensitive data securely

If your charity is regularly handling large volumes of sensitive data you need a DAM solution that's incredibly secure.

ResourceSpace makes secure sharing and permission control simple, with the ability to set access for teams or individual users. You can even create URLs you can share externally that expire after a certain period of time.

There's also the option of providing restricted access to external users, with the DAM manager able to set strict access permissions to ensure assets aren't misused or still accessible after consent has expired.

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ResourceSpace has made our lives easier! From the slick design and intuitive feel to the speed at which the support team respond to problems, I can't recommend this product enough.

Jennifer Nolan, Overseas Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

ResourceSpace is trusted by charities all over the world to help them deliver the change they want to see. If you want to find out more about how ResourceSpace's features will help your charitable organisation to effectively manage its digital assets, take a look at our dedicated Charities page.

To find out more about how our Digital Asset Management solution can support your mission, get in touch with our expert team. Alternatively, launch your free DAM instance - with 10GB of free storage and no usage limits - within minutes.