Move files between platforms with ResourceSpace & the IIIF API

Academics and researchers rely on digital repositories for access to important artefacts. However, digital assets that are 'locked in' to specific platforms can't be shared easily with other institutions.

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) API standard ensures that files can be moved seamlessly between different platforms including compatible digital asset management systems (DAMs), such as ResourceSpace.

ResourceSpace integrations and API

ResourceSpace is designed to help users work more efficiently by integrating with the systems they rely on, like TMS and EMu, while our DAM platform uses single sign-on to make sure users can switch between applications seamlessly.

A standard ResourceSpace user can control which resources are published via IIIF and the access levels granted. If you'd like to keep certain resources hidden from the IIIF interface, you can easily manage this function in ResourceSpace.


One of the main goals of IIIF is to enable efficient image management between libraries, museums, archives, software companies and other organisations that would benefit from a standardised platform for sharing images.

The IIIF's core APIs are Image and Presentation with additional APIs for Authentication and Content Search. The Image API enables delivery of digital images using simple URLs to allow retrieval of a specific region or size of an image.

For more technical information on the ResourceSpace integration with IIIF please visit our knowledge base for full details. Selecting a DAM provider that knows the ins and outs of your industry is vital when making this investment.

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