Exploring the ResourceSpace-Adobe integration

Let's face it - digital assets often need a lot of editing before they're ready to publish.

Whether it's making backgrounds transparent, cleaning up distortion or simply resizing them, your marketing and design teams need to be able to edit images quickly.

Unfortunately, it's not ideal when you need to download those images from your file storage system, make the edits, and then re-upload. The problem? While it might take just a few clicks, constant downloading and reuploading of images can lead to duplicate files and inconsistent use of brand assets. Maybe the edited asset doesn't get reuploaded at all, and instead gets emailed or sent via an instant message platform, leaving the outdated asset on the storage system for everyone else to carry on using.

A dedicated Digital Asset Management (DAM) software will help, but won't you still have to download and reupload whenever you want to edit assets in the Adobe suite? This is where ResourceSpace's Adobe integration comes in…

What is the ResourceSpace-Adobe integration?

Our Adobe plugin, known as Adobe Link, allows you to edit digital assets stored in ResourceSpace directly in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

This plugin couldn't be simpler to use, either. Your designers can import assets straight into InDesign or Photoshop with just a few clicks (as you'll see in the video below), before easily saving the edited file back into ResourceSpace. Note that this replaces the old version, it doesn't just upload the new one, helping you to avoid issues around duplicates and old versions of assets being accessed by the team.

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When this plugin is combined with our check in and check out functionality, you'll be able to centralise and steamline your digital asset production workflow.

Image editing tools within ResourceSpace

Not only does ResourceSpace integrate with the Adobe suite for advanced editing, but you can also do some basic editing within ResourceSpace itself, without having to leave the DAM.

Image editing

ResourceSpace's image tools allow you to make basic edits without leaving the platform.

Crop, rotate, flip and make adjustments to colour and contrast on-the-fly, before saving as the file format you need. Don't like the changes you've made? Simply reset the image and start again.

Image tools blog image

File preview and conversion

Preview and convert hundreds of image, video and document file formats, and automatically generate web-ready video previews.

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Worried about people using your digital assets without permission? It's a common problem, and it's not always easy to monitor.

However, ResourceSpace allows you to place watermarks over images, which can then be displayed instead of the usual thumbnails, or previews for specific user groups.

Automatically transcode

Transcode your uploaded files to different formats, resolutions, DPI and bit-rates automatically, saving your team time on this mundane - but important - task.

The ResourceSpace-Adobe integration is just one reason so many DAM managers choose us as their Digital Asset Management platform. Want to find out more about ResourceSpace's awesome features? You can launch your free DAM within seconds below. Alternatively, simply request a free, no obligation demo today.