How to use DAM software to declutter your digital files

We live in a digital world, driven by online tools like email and instant messaging, which are supposed to make work life more efficient. However, the reality is that even when communications are electronic, many organisations are still struggling to deal with their files effectively.

Every day, time is wasted by your team searching for important documents that have not been stored in the right place, or trying to gather files from multiple locations. This is both unproductive and highly frustrating.

It's time for a digital tidy up

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software simplifies electronic file management. By storing digital documents, images and videos in a central hub, all colleagues can easily locate and access documents, and save them in a logical manner, using meta data where appropriate.

Working smarter with DAM software

While other types of storage solutions also offer centralised hubs, DAM is unique in that it offers many further benefits for companies. These include:

  • Better working processes - enabling smoother, more collaborative teamwork within organisations
  • Highly accurate search functions - making it much quicker and easier to locate the right file
  • Automatic resizing of high-resolution images for use across multiple digital assets such as brochures, websites and email communications
  • Easy integration of DAM software - to support other, existing business systems
  • Advanced tagging using metadata - providing greater control over how users can categorise documents
  • Customisable access settings - so project managers can ensure the right people can reach certain files, and see who is viewing or using a particular document at any point in time
  • Significant time saving benefits - almost two thirds (63%) of business that switch to DAM software save more than 10 hours each week, while a further third (33%) save up to 50 hours per week

Declutter your digital life with ResourceSpace

Time is one of the most precious currencies in working life. A DAM solution is the magic formula your organisation needs to lighten colleagues' administrative workload, and enable them to focus on what they do best. To discover how quickly DAM software can digitally declutter your company files, start your free ResourceSpace trial. To discuss your needs further, get in touch with us today.