Make uploading easier with a Digital Asset Management System

Maintaining your digital assets is a tough job.

Cataloguing takes time and needs close attention to detail - of course, on top of this, you have the time it takes to upload the assets as well. If you need to share data with other organisations, you need to consider how the asset is logged and what permissions you are granting to external parties too.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems can help you coordinate and manage your media quickly and efficiently.

Uploading files is quick and easy and can be done in bulk

With ResourceSpace, uploading couldn't be easier. Just drag and drop the files or folders directly into the upload queue. Once uploaded each resource will have an automatically generated preview, allowing you to view and edit the assets. Lockable metadata means that the same value can easily be assigned to multiple resources simultaneously. Resources uploaded by a non-administrator will be queued for approval before going live, so all uploads are properly regulated.

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Uploading with metadata ensures resources can found and used effectively

Organising and classifying your assets correctly from the start can help you to grow your library according to a predetermined framework, making resource management intuitive and straightforward.

With ResourceSpace, you control the input of metadata, limiting non-administrators abilities to populate certain fields. There are also drop-down lists, radio buttons and checkboxes to help you standardise categorisation and manage the amount and type of metadata that is submitted. This allows for fast and accurate searches based on that metadata.

The advanced metadata tools allow you to structure your files in a way that suits your organisation and its processes. Metadata helps you make your assets visible to searchers who may be looking for an image but using a broader term instead of searching by category. For example, you may have a dedicated category for penguins, but others may file these images under "Antarctica", or "Birds".

In ResourceSpace, instead of looking in lots of different locations, you can search for either term in ResourceSpace and find penguin images.

AI automated tagging

To make things even faster, ResourceSpace comes equipped with a recognition tool that automatically detects distinguishing features in your visual media and suggests appropriate keywords.

Identify people, lift text, and use automatic prompts to store your assets correctly and efficiently. The sophisticated AI tools available in ResourceSpace enable a better use of your time by limiting manual tagging whenever you upload new assets.

Automatically formats files

Since different users will have different intentions for your resources, it's essential to have the files available in various sizes. ResourceSpace does precisely that, automatically. Users can instantly download the photos, videos, documents, and audio files they need, in both the desired size and required format. If users need to select the pixel dimensions, select an area to crop, choose a format and download their own custom variation, ResourceSpace makes all these functions available within the application - no need to switch between editing software when preparing content.

Administrators can attach licenses to stock images, as well as transcripts and subtitle files to videos.

Are you keen to learn more about how ResourceSpace can integrate with your existing software and help make your digital asset management easier? Our specialised team is here to help with all the information you need. You can get in touch with us here, and don't forget to sign up for our free trial below.

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