Case Study: ResourceSpace + The History of Science Museum

Based in the heart of historic Oxford, the History of Science Museum is the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built public museum building, which first opened in 1925. The museum is home to over 20,000 objects, instruments, writings, and materials, including a blackboard notoriously used by Albert Einstein.

We recently spoke to Anna Grybenyuk, DAM Manager for the History of Science Museum, about the challenges that implementing ResourceSpace has helped them to overcome.

Case Study: ResourceSpace + The History of Science Museum

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Problem-solving with DAM

Until this year, the museum’s digital assets were housed on local drives, which was causing other problems. As Anna puts it:

“We lacked the ability to store all of the compulsory information that we need for specific resources, for example copyright holder and whether an image can be published online”

Without a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to securely store images from the museum’s vast collection, issues like this were often unavoidable: 

“This caused a lot of problems for us, and required a lot of data clean-up once ResourceSpace was implemented.”

The collections team were already using a Collections Management System, EMu, but CMS platforms aren’t designed to store high resolution images. 

Useful integrations

Introducing ResourceSpace has solved a lot of issues that the museum was having with synchronisation. 

With ResourceSpace and EMu integrated, each system gets used to its best advantage: the DAM holding up to date information about media assets, and the CMS storing all of the relevant collection details. 

Now, any new or updated objects in the museum’s collection only need to be provided with one set of data, and because the two systems are in sync, the CMS updates the DAM with all of the relevant object information automatically. As Anna puts it:

“The integration with EMu makes things so much easier, and we don’t need to double up on work like we did before.”

Powerful and specialised

Anna has been impressed by ResourceSpace’s capabilities compared with alternatives:

“In my previous role I worked with a museum that used a cheaper alternative, but ResourceSpace is so much more powerful and specialised to what we need at the History of Science Museum–it just allows so much more.”

If you’d like to read more on how the History of Science Museum revolutionised their DAM processes with ResourceSpace, explore the full case study here

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