Version 9.2 - Small changes to make life easier

We've been working with Fruto - a user experience consultancy - to help make ResourceSpace even more intuitive.

The 9.2 release reflects this and we've included plenty of handy tricks and new functionality to streamline processes and improve usability. No major changes in this release - just lots of little ones to make life easier.

James, our Customer Success team leader, has put together a short video covering the major changes we've made in this release.

We often have clients contact us who've removed resources from a collection by mistake - so we've introduced a feature that makes it easy to revert this. Any resources that get removed (or added) accidentally can be put straight back - there's no need to go searching for them to add them all again manually.

Inadvertently changing the workflow state of resources in a collection can be reverted easily too - especially useful if you have a collection with resources in various workflow states and accidentally delete them. They can all be reverted back to their original state easily.

9.2 also has the option to add a download limit per user group as well as the functionality to disable metadata fields - so they can't be deleted inadvertently - and various aesthetic changes will make it easier to download resources, keep track of your search results and edit dash tiles.

If you've any questions or feedback about this release feel free to book a call with a member of the ResourceSpace team.