ResourceSpace 7.7 - Vimeo export, subtitles, media search

Proudly announcing the release of version 7.7!

We've continued to expand the options for social media sharing with the new Vimeo export plugin, which works in a similar way to the existing YouTube export function.

For version 7 we introduced the versatile home page dashboard. With this release we continue to build upon this functionality and now allow dash pre-built dash tiles to be pushed to specific user groups by administrators.

We've extended related resource functionality. When relating resources you can now choose to display the metadata from one resource on the details page of the other, enabling a parent child relationship between the two resources. As an example, if a photo resource references a person, you can relate a separate person record and have that person's details displayed under the photo.

It's now possible to generate custom videos using subtitle and audio tracks that have been provided as separate files. If you're frequently using multilingual videos you can upload a single master video and store the subtitle and audio tracks separately.

There are many more new features - see the version history for further details.