ResourceSpace 9.7: A new uploader & easy consent management

ResourceSpace 9.7 features changes to our uploader, a new consent management plugin and an easier way to manage and edit your external shares. There are also lots of smaller changes to the UI and a great new feature that lets you email all users who've ever downloaded a resource letting them know it's expired.

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Uppy Uploader

Our uploader is now powered by Uppy. It looks the part, gives users a progress indicator for batch uploads and displays a green tick against each file once it's uploaded successfully.

In the next release the new uploader will also support direct uploads from Google Drive, Dropbox and Instagram.

Consent management

The new consent management plugin makes it easy to manage the consent given by the people featured in your images. You can add specific details to the consent record, upload any supporting documentation and add multiple consent records per image - one for each person.

Each consent record can be associated with a resource on the system and the information displayed to users so they know, at a glance, what level of consent has been given.

It's also possible to manage all consent records in one place. Here you can review and edit existing records and link them (or unlink them) to multiple resources at once.

External shares

9.7 introduces functionality that allows users to edit and delete external shares. It's also now possible to delete multiple external shares at once. Administrators can manage all external shares that have been created on the system - not just their own.

UI changes

There are plenty of other smaller UI changes designed to make ResourceSpace even easier to use. If you're scrolling through large sets of resources, the filter bar at the top will move too making it easier to open the 'Actions' drop down or edit selected resources without scrolling back up.

We've also introduced the option to automatically email all users who have downloaded a resource letting them know it's now expired and should no longer be used.

These are the highlights but, as always, you can find a full list of everything that's included in this release on our version history page.