ResourceSpace is now on G-Cloud 13

Having been on both G-Cloud 11 and G-Cloud 12 previously, we're delighted to announce we're now on G-Cloud 13, meaning we can continue to help public sector procurers buy certified cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) software.

What is G-Cloud 13?

When public sector organisations want to acquire new services or solutions, they typically have to run a full tender or competitive procurement process. However, the G-Cloud procurement platform allows local and central government organisations, as well as all other public bodies, to find and purchase cloud-based services without having to go through that process.

To qualify to be on G-Cloud 13 we have to meet the standardised criteria and abide by the specific G-Could 13 rules and regulations. We also have to adhere to the AI ethical statements set out by the government.

All G-Cloud suppliers on the Digital Marketplace have to confirm that they:

  • agree to the latest G-Cloud framework agreement or Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework agreement
  • will take full responsibility for the work they do
  • haven't broken any laws that could lead to a mandatory exclusion from the application process

Read more about the guidelines that Digital Outcomes and Specialist suppliers have to work to here.

G-Cloud 13 has now replaced G-Cloud 12 as the recommended standard for public sector organisations looking to procure cloud hosting and software services, and introduces the following changes to G-Cloud 12:

  • Improved terms and conditions, with increased provision of day rate cloud support services
  • Updated procurement policies, including social value and prompt payment
  • Introduction of a fourth Lot to complement Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3 for further competition for Cloud Support Services for larger, more complex requirements.

How to choose ResourceSpace through the G-Cloud 13 platform

To select ResourceSpace as your DAM of choice via the Digital Marketplace, you can search for us by name or enter our Service ID (999891725028381). To award your contract to us, simply use the G-Cloud framework contract which includes all the necessary details.

The maximum length of the contract is 24 months, but you may make two additional 12-month extensions if you enjoy using our service and want to continue receiving the benefits of ResourceSpace. The "statement of work" determines the payment for services.

View the complete G-Cloud buyer's guide. To find out more about the benefits of ResourceSpace, check out our Digital asset management comparison checklist.

For more information on our involvement with G-Cloud 13, or to arrange a free demo, feel free to get in touch.

To find out more about G-Cloud 13 and ResourceSpace get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, arrange a free, no obligation demo of the software below.