ResourceSpace now on G-Cloud 12

When a government agency or local authority wants to buy hardware, software, consultancy, support or any other tech products and services, they will search the G-Cloud catalogue of cloud-based service providers.

G-Cloud assures buyers that they are dealing with a government-approved supplier who has undergone a series of evaluations to ensure credibility, transparency and authenticity.

We're delighted to announce that ResourceSpace is now on G-Cloud 12, meaning we can help public sector procurers buy certified cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) services software in a simple way that makes managing tenders easy.

What is G-Cloud 12?

G-Cloud 12 is the UK Government's cloud-based services procurement platform. Local government organisations rely on the platform to find and acquire new cloud-based services. Public sector customers in the UK can source solutions without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process.

You can learn more about the Digital Marketplace by visiting the official website.

G-Cloud also requires us to fulfil standardised criteria, assume full responsibility for the work we do and abide by the rules and regulations. The new clause in the G-Cloud 12 procurement processes also states that approved suppliers have to adhere to the AI ethical statements set out by the government.

G-Cloud 12 is overseen by the Crown Commercial Service which helps the public sector save time and money when purchasing goods and services.

Read more about the guidelines that Digital Outcomes and Specialist suppliers have to work to here.

Choosing ResourceSpace through G-Cloud 12

Once you've decided that ResourceSpace is the Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform for you, you can visit the Digital Marketplace and search for us by name or enter our Service ID (999891725028381). You can award your contract to us by using the G-Cloud framework contract, which will include all of the necessary details.

The maximum length of the contract is 24 months, but you may make two additional 12-month extensions if you enjoy using our service and want to continue receiving the benefits of ResourceSpace. The "statement of work" determines the payment for services.

View the complete G-Cloud buyer's guide here.

For more information on our involvement with G-Cloud 12, or to arrange a free demo, feel free to get in touch.

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