ResourceSpace customer feedback survey results

At ResourceSpace, our users are at the heart of everything we do.

We're not just a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software vendor - we're a group of DAM enthusiasts committed to creating a platform that is open to everyone. This isn't only reflected in the fact that ResourceSpace is open source with no vendor lock-in, but also in how we develop our DAM system.

Our customers help shape our product

There's no better way to gauge how our software performs and how we're doing as a service provider than to ask our customers. That's why we regularly survey ResourceSpace users to find out how the platform could be improved and how we can do better.

We're always considering new features that will improve ResourceSpace, and there's no better way of validating our ideas than putting them to our users.

As a result of the positive responses to some of these features we're going to be working on introducing them in forthcoming ResourceSpace releases. These include:

  • Additional content functionality, such as an integrated content management system (CMS) for building brand guidelines.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) capability to enable users to extract text from a digital image.
  • Improving ResourceSpace's mobile user experience to make it even easier to access your DAM system on the go.

Engaging with our user base isn't just useful for deciding what features to spend our time developing though - it also shows us which of our ideas we shouldn't spend our time on.

For example, we thought building in web-to-print functionality could be beneficial but, because we already integrate with BrandStencil, our users didn't see this as a priority development. We received similar responses to our ideas for an Adobe Premiere Pro integration (building on our existing Adobe InDesign and Photoshop integrations) and improved social media sharing that included a preview image. Our users told us that the existing Falcon integration, as well as the fact they don't usually want to publish directly from their DAM, meant this wasn't needed.

By telling us which of our development ideas aren't necessary we can focus on the things our customers want - not the things we think they want.

Our customers came up with some really interesting ideas of their own too, and we're now reviewing these internally for inclusion in our roadmap. These included improving controlled vocabulary functionality, for example an option for category trees that automatically select child terms when parent terms are added (the reverse of the current operation), and improved search filtering.

ResourceSpace users love our service

We take customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why we also took the opportunity to ask our users how we're doing with our service. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best customer service, and we're always going the extra mile for our customers.

We were therefore delighted that a massive 90.4% of our users described themselves as either happy or very happy with our customer service.

We received lots of positive comments about the way accounts are handled and customers love having a dedicated DAM consultant who knows their goals and is familiar with their system. This makes for a very efficient operation.

We believe this is a testament to how hard we work for our customers, as well as the collaborative environment we've worked to create.

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