Problems ResourceSpace solves: Managing external contributors

Does your organisation work with external contributors for creating new digital assets, like photographers or freelance graphic designers? If so, you've probably experienced problems when it comes to managing how these files are shared with your team.

ResourceSpace simplifies the process for external contributors sharing digital assets with you, as well as how your DAM team approves these assets for use in the wider organisation.

The challenge

Your external contributors are frequently creating and sharing large numbers of digital assets to be used in your marketing campaigns and other projects. There's no set process for this though, and contributors are sending assets to different members of the team depending on what the asset is.

What's more, each contributor is sending files in different ways. Your freelance graphic designer might be sharing large image files via WeTransfer, while your photographer is sending links to a Dropbox folder.

This makes it hard to create a consistent process for approving assets, and keeping track of where they're stored. As a result, incorrect and unsuitable assets are often being used on the website, in advertising, and throughout other sales and marketing collateral.

Our solution

ResourceSpace solves the challenge of managing external contributors by creating a centralised and straightforward process for uploading and approving digital assets.

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Easily control asset uploads

With ResourceSpace you never again have to rely on third-party software for managing external contributors.

You can create upload links for specific file 'collections' which are then shared with external contributors. This allows them to upload their assets directly into ResourceSpace. They won't have access to the rest of the system, and whatever they upload won't go live straight away - you can decide which assets you want and which you don't.

You can set passwords for specific external uploads too, which ensures no one can upload a file who doesn't have the permission to do so.

A single clear and logical process

All of your external contributors are sharing digital assets with you in exactly the same way. You don't have to worry about new files getting lost in the inboxes of different team members, or unapproved content finding its way into your live projects. The only assets that can be used by your organisation's departments have all been approved by your digital asset manager.

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