Did You Know? Easily manage resource licensing

Are you responsible for managing digital assets? Digital assets of all kinds, but in particular when they depict children or property, are subject to usage restrictions and copyright considerations which requires you to manage and keep track of licences.

When your digital asset library extends to thousands of images, all with individual licences, this can become incredibly difficult to manage. This leads to issues where assets' licences expire but, with no robust process in place for monitoring this, they continue to be used beyond what's permitted. This potentially causes legal problems further down the line.

If your organisation has been experiencing this same challenge, ResourceSpace's Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform can make it far easier than it's ever been before.

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ResourceSpace Licence Manager

The ResourceSpace Licence Manager plugin allows you to manage this all in one place.

The plugin adds the capability to manage resource licensing via the resource view page. All you have to do is browse to the particular resource to which you want to add a license. Then, simply click "New License", then fill in the details and click "Save" - it's as easy as that.

new license image

Your resource will now have a new license. You can even add multiple licenses per resource in order to make them as specific as necessary.

Centralised management

Licence Manager allows for centralised management of all asset licences. This makes management and monitoring so much more straightforward.

You can relate a license to several resources by entering multiple resource IDs into the resources box.

Batch operations

From the Collections Actions dropdown menu, you'll find two new options "Link licence" and "Unlink license", allowing a license to be linked with or unlinked from all the resources in a given collection.

Discover for yourself the enormous benefits of the free Resource Licensing software.

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