ResourceSpace customer interview: TOMY

Kendrin Geerdes is the Senior Graphics Manager with TOMY - a leading global designer, producer and marketer of high-quality toys. Her role is part of the marketing department, and the teams are segmented into several 'sub-teams', such as brand and communications. Kendrin's role encompasses all the sub-teams, supporting them with images.

"I work on catalogues, social media content and packaging - essentially anything where imagery is a factor. I also manage the image databases. ResourceSpace provides us with the perfect solution," explains Kendrin.

What were TOMY using before Resourcespace?

TOMY has been making use of ResourceSpace since 2013. Previously, they didn't have a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system at all. Every team looked after their own images and, if you needed an image, you had to ask around - which meant so much wasted time and energy.

As TOMY grew as a company, increasing numbers of customers wanted images for their websites.

"We needed a self-service system, which didn't involve our people spending time sourcing on their behalf."

Kendrin explains: "We now look so much more professional. Our customers don't have to send us images they've taken on their cell phone for us to format for them. They can input the format they need and self-select."

How does TOMY use ResourceSpace day-to-day?

No two days are the same for the TOMY marketing team. At the time of speaking to Kendrin, they were finalising the 2021 catalogues across all brands. They were also working on customer emails and putting together the content for their virtual shows.

"All our images go into the central library by SKUs and brands," says Kendrin, explaining how the TOMY marketing team makes use of ResourceSpace.

"The different marketing teams then access them as and when necessary. We have a team of five or six responsible for content uploading. They gather images from all the teams across the company, input their own metadata for their projects within the Photoshop file before uploading them. They use all the standard features, including 'photo priority', which allows them to show which images should be used, for example, as 'hero images'."

What are the favourite features of ResourceSpace?

It's the overall level of customer service that Tomy is now able to deliver. They get requests for multiple images, and it's great to be able to share a collection and send it with a simple link. It's not too big for email and always straightforward.

"We've been really happy with the system - we couldn't be happier. It's user friendly, and everybody loves it."

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