Case Study: TOMY

TOMY, a leading global designer, producer and marketer of high-quality toys, has been a ResourceSpace customer for almost a decade.

To find out why TOMY has been using ResourceSpace for so long, we spoke to Kendrin Geerdes, Senior Graphics Manager at the company, about how they've benefited from a dedicated Digital Asset Management system.

TOMY employees were wasting time - and so were their customers

Before implementing ResourceSpace in 2013, TOMY wasn't using DAM software at all. Each team within the marketing department managed their own images, and if any of them needed an image they didn't currently 'own', they had to ask around. This wasn't a very time efficient process.

Additionally, more and more of their customers needed images for their websites, and these requests were wasting a lot of TOMY's time, as well as the time of the companies making them.

Enter ResourceSpace.

Putting in place a dedicated DAM made it easy for their marketing content to be accessed internally and externally, while it also meant they didn't have to constantly sift through folders or ask colleagues to track down assets.

That's fortunate, seeing as TOMY now have over 33,000 photos, videos and catalogue files in their ResourceSpace system. These assets are now being securely accessed frequently by hundreds of different users.

"We now look so much more professional"

TOMY needed a self-serving system which didn't force their employees to spend time sourcing digital assets, and ResourceSpace has provided them with the 'perfect solution', according to Kendrin.

"We now look so much more professional," says Kendrin.

"Our customers don't have to send us images they've taken on their cell phone for us to format for them.

"They can input the format they need and self-select."

Easy to find and use relevant content

One of the ways ResourceSpace has helped the TOMY team save so much time is in how easy it is to find relevant content thanks to different metadata tagging options.

Each resource is tagged with the relevant stock number (SKU), ensuring that a search for that number quickly returns all of the assets related to that product. The same can be done for brands, making it easy for TOMY users to find and use all of the assets associated with them.

"The different marketing teams then access them as and when necessary," explains Kendrin.

"We have a team of five or six responsible for content uploading. They gather images from all the teams across the company, and input their own metadata for the projects within the Photoshop file before uploading them."

Simple image editing

TOMY has also found that ResourceSpace makes basic image editing so much easier than before.

They use the Transform plugin that gives users access to the image editing tools, including cropping, rotating and scale adjustment. This plugin put an end to the laborious process of downloading a file to either upload and edit within a third-party software, or email to a graphic designer with access to the appropriate software. It also prevents the original files from being unnecessarily changed, deleted or doubled up over and over again.

"We've been really happy with the system," concludes Kendrin.

"It's user friendly and everybody loves it."

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