Case Study: ResourceSpace + Oxfam International

We’ve been catching up with Content Manager Wouter Fransen on how ResourceSpace has helped Oxfam meet the DAM needs of a truly global organisation. 

Founded in Oxford in 1942, the Oxfam confederation now works in 85 countries around the world

Up until 2017 the organisation had been working in silos, with limited processes defining how multimedia assets should be used and how the organisation could get the best out of them. 

Together with Global DAM Manager Matías Téllez, Wouter was tasked with coordinating content operations, liaising and networking across all of the content teams, and creating global guidelines to outline standards of how content is produced across the whole organisation.

Usability and configurability

After a lengthy tender process and one failed implementation with a different DAM provider, the team decided that ResourceSpace was the best fit in terms of product and support. As Wouter puts it:

“ResourceSpace offers a great balance between usability, configurability and price.”

One of the most important considerations for DAM projects comprising large numbers of departments and regions like this is determining who has access to which content in the system. 

Alongside this, a great deal of Oxfam’s digital content contains editorial metadata that can include sensitive personal information. To deal with these risks Oxfam’s DAM needed quite a bit of configuration, and the combination of this sensitive content and how Oxfam operates as an organisation required a lot of granularity.

As Wouter explains:

“These different levels of permissions depending on user role and affiliate meant it was quite complicated to configure, but Montala supported us throughout until we arrived at a configuration that worked for us.”

Proactive consultancy and support

Wouter has valued the strategic, consultative approach Montala’s customer success team takes, describing that one of the best things about working with ResourceSpace is the quality of the customer service and support Oxfam has received. According to Wouter:

“If we ask for support with a specific change they do more than help us implement it—they proactively work with us to ensure the change is going to meet our requirements and think about challenges with us to achieve the best results.”

Thanks to our work with Oxfam International, as well as many other internationally recognised charity organisations including WWF, British Red Cross and Unicef, ResourceSpace has developed a reputation as one of the leading Digital Asset Management platforms for the charity and non-profit sector.

If you’d like to read more on how Oxfam International revolutionised their DAM processes with ResourceSpace, explore the full case study here.

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