ResourceSpace 9.1 released

Get there faster. ResourceSpace 9.1 with productivity boosting enhancements.

Adobe integration means there's no need to use a separate browser window to import resources into your production environment. Browse ResourceSpace from within InDesign and Photoshop and import with a single click.

This is just one of many improvements we've made to the user interface to make using ResourceSpace easier.

Your files are in safe hands.

Our new checksum verification function ensures files remain unchanged on disk. Although disk corruption is unusual, it's good to monitor files for unexpected changes should this occur, and ResourceSace will now do this as standard.

We continue our work within the museum / collections sector and now integrate with MuseumPlus, in addition to k-Emu and TMS. Metadata from MuseumPlus can be automatically synchronised with relevant resources in ResourceSpace meaning there's no need to manually duplicate data between systems - it's all done for you.

These are just some of the new features in 9.1. Our Customer Success team have put together a video that'll give you more information on these and others. You can watch it here: