How to secure buy-in for a new Digital Asset Management system

Choosing the right Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for your organisation can be tricky. There are lots of things to think about, like functionality and integrations, the cost of cloud storage, customer support and user permissions and restrictions.

Deciding on the best solution is the first step, but you also have to secure buy-in from the other key stakeholders.

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Identify stakeholders and current challenges

Start by identifying the different groups of stakeholders and what their specific challenges are. Then you can prepare your business case for the new DAM with tailored scenarios for each group.

If you're responsible for collections management it'll help to know how the new system will make the job of archivists and digital preservation teams easier.

If you're a brand manager, gain an understanding of how photographers and content creators can use it.

Being clear on how your favoured system helps everyone involved is crucial.

Build a solid business case

Once you've identified the benefits of your chosen system and how they solve the challenges across the organisation, building a solid business case will be much easier.

There are several steps to consider:

Research and preparation

The foundation of any successful business case is the research and preparation. You're much more likely to win over decision-makers if you have a firm grasp on existing processes, operating costs and how investment in a new system will deliver ROI.

Build support

When it comes to securing buy-in from the whole organisation, start with some key voices who'll support your business case and act as advocates of the system. This could be members of the creative, marketing, PR, sales or IT teams, and as long as you've got a solid business case that solves their challenges, they'll be on board.

Be specific

You'll probably have a long list of benefits of the DAM you've selected, but it's a good idea to identify the ones that are most relevant to your organisation - especially those benefits that senior management will care about the most - like changes to day-to-day operations and how costs can be reduced.

Calculate wasted time and costs

Work out how much time your new DAM can save your organisation, and then how much money it'll save you over the course of a year.

Streamlined processes will save money by reducing wasted admin time, improving security and increasing efficiency.

Use a free trial to support your case

Our comprehensive free trial of ResourceSpace will be the most powerful tool in your arsenal to secure buy in.

This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate all your reasons for investing in a new DAM, as well as handling any concerns or questions that might crop up.

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