ResourceSpace 9.8 released

We've just released version 9.8 which is an interim release that mainly focusses on security and performance, although a new feature is the ability to drag and drop to rearrange Featured Collections.

A few aesthetic changes have also been made such as a change to the default font. The next release, 10.0 due for release in the summer, will contain a much larger number of changes to the user interface.

We've also now specified that the minimum version of PHP we support is version 7.2.5. This is because earlier versions of PHP are unsupported by the PHP project and are potentially insecure. It also allows us to use newer PHP functionality without worrying about breaking backwards compatibility.

A major technical new direction for us is the move to prepared statements for all SQL queries, improving performance and enhancing security. This is around 30% complete and work is ongoing, with the majority of the work planned for completion in version 10.0

Read more on our version history page or find out how to download and install ResourceSpace.