Why ResourceSpace is perfect for… arts and heritage

If you work in the arts and heritage sector you're probably used to working with old, or even ancient, cultural assets. Artefacts from Ancient Egypt, French renaissance art… an outdated Digital Asset Management system?

When we first speak to museums, galleries or arts institutions we often find that their digital infrastructure has been neglected - and maybe that's not surprising. After all, you work with physical assets. Do digital assets really matter?

It's no longer enough for arts and heritage institutions to provide physical access to their assets - people also want to be able to view them online, particularly since Covid - and social media and other digital channels are essential for securing strong footfall.

Public access and image delivery channels to our public audience is a huge mission for us as a museum, and now we can share with the API, we can share by email, we can share in collections, we can also redesign our website.

Kate Branch, The Walters Art Museum


ResourceSpace: the modern solution for curating digital treasures


Some of the world's leading arts and heritage institutions rely on ResourceSpace as the modern solution for managing the vast range of digital content that's created when looking after such large and important collections.

We're trusted by the likes of the Milwaukee Art Museum, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the English National Ballet to manage, store and share photographs, videos and documents related to their exhibits and events.

ResourceSpace also:

  • Automatically syncs rights, reproduction and object data with your Collection Management System
  • Manages, reviews and approves user uploads
  • Reports on digital conditions from any location
  • Provides secure external access to content
  • Allows for unlimited development potential due to our open source platform
  • Allows for customisation of the interface to match your institution's branding

Integrates with TMS, EMu and MuseumPlus

Working with The Museum System (TMS), EMu or MuseumPlus on a daily basis?

READ MORE: How ResourceSpace integrates with The Museum System (TMS)

ResourceSpace integrates directly with these systems, allowing you to immediately import data from one system to another. You can also connect the digital asset version of an item with the data related to that item in the Collection Management System. ResourceSpace will then automatically retrieve information such as the asset's Object Name, Object Number, ID, Classification and more, saving you significant time on manual data input.

The TMS link is probably the biggest and most valuable customisation that we've had because it's saved us decades of cross cataloguing!

Kate Branch, The Walters Art Museum

Want to find out more about why we're the DAM of choice for so many leading arts and heritage institutions? Take a look at our Arts and Heritage case studies.

Alternatively, you can request your free ResourceSpace portal right now. You'll gain access to 10GB of free storage space, with zero usage or time limits. Simply provide your name and email address, select the Museum Template to get started, and get your hands on the contemporary DAM choice for arts institutions.