ResourceSpace now 100% employee owned

We're very pleased to announce that Montala Limited, the company behind ResourceSpace, has now transitioned to full employee ownership.

Given our open source business model and our strong focus on ethics and community involvement, employee ownership is perfect to ensure our values and independence are protected.

An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) has been created to work in the best interests of current and future staff. The trust owns all of the company shares. Our founder and sole shareholder Dan Huby has sold his shares to the trust but will remain the Managing Director.

Via the trust (controlled by elected staff members already in place), all staff now have a say in how the business operates. Staff will soon be rewarded with a share of the profits too - but to start with, as part of the EOT model, the trust will use the profits to fund the purchase of the shares from the founder.

We'd like to thank employee ownership experts Baxendale and staff at the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) for guiding us through the process.

Deb Oxley OBE, Chief Executive of the EOA said: "We congratulate Montala on its move to employee ownership working with EO adviser Baxendale. Businesses that give employees a stake and a say sustain its values and independence for the longer term by making its employees custodians of the business for future generations. This leaves the business in a better position to flex, innovate and adapt."

This is great news for our customers. Since the employees are invested in the success of the organisation, businesses with this ownership model are generally more successful. Staff are more likely to stay with the company for a long time, ensuring we'll continue to build a team of committed and talented staff.

There'll be no change to ResourceSpace, the service we offer or the way our customers interact with us. You can be assured though, that when you're working with us, you'll benefit from dedicated, enthusiastic staff and an enduring organisation that stands by its ethical principles.