The best networking groups for photography co-ordinators

Photography curators are responsible for developing collections and making them available and presentable for the public. There's a lot to manage within this position: caring for the images, interpreting the data, and establishing relationships with other curators.

A lack of international contacts can often silo fantastic projects and limit reach to local audiences only. Knowing where to network as a photography curator is essential for giving your exhibitions more exposure, tapping into essential industry information, and finding inspiration for future projects. To help you, we've found three networks every photography curator should be keeping up with.

International Curators Forum

International Curators Forum

The ICF came about in 2007 to help promote artistic and curatorial best practice amongst visual arts professionals. These efforts encapsulate painting, sculpture, photography, film, live performance art, and curation.

For a great resource and plenty of support such as events, mentoring, and masterclasses that help curators to produce high-quality projects, visit their website.

Contemporary Visual Arts Network

Contemporary Visual Arts Network

The Contemporary Visual Arts Network's mission is to support the English contemporary visual arts in regional capacity by addressing the needs of specific areas around the country. They offer extensive consultations, workshops and programmes to encourage collaboration and help to boost the visibility and quality of the English visual arts sector. Members can submit information and share opportunities for other art professionals on the website, helping to find a specialist audience for their message and upcoming projects.

British Art Network

British Art Network

Steered by the Tate and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, BAN is possibly one of the best-maintained networks that all curators should look to be a part of. Here, you'll find expertise and up to date research on all matters around visual arts curation as well as gain access to some unmissable events. Film and photography are prominent areas covered by the network, and membership is always open and free.

Keeping up with your professional developments and sharing information with other photography curators is essential for establishing effective practices within your own organisation and getting your collections out to the world. To make sure your visual assets are always easily shareable with new and existing networks and partners, we invite you to learn more about our industry-trusted digital asset management software. To try the Resourcespace's Digital Asset Management (DAM) for free, just click here.

Photography hashtags you should be aware of

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Here are some of the most popular hashtags you should be following.

General photography













Technical photography

#50mm (or other lens length)

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