Our climate positive commitment to our clients and the planet

At ResourceSpace, we're big believers in doing business for good. As our service is digital, we already do a fair amount to limit our carbon footprint, but there's always more that can be done. Since February 2021 we've partnered with Ecologi to help us plant trees on behalf of each new customer that comes aboard one of our paid plans. To ensure we make a continuous impact, we'll keep planting trees for every year that you're subscribed to our services.

Why Ecologi?

Ecologi is an organisation that's truly invested in the fight against climate change. With a deep understanding of what's necessary to counterbalance the harmful effects of carbon emissions, they invest money in Gold Standard certified projects that remove greenhouse gasses.

Ecologi provides us with verified data to prove where our tree planting contributions are going and their effect on reducing carbon emissions. So far, we've planted over 8000 trees and made a 60T carbon reduction via Ecologi's backing of various climate projects.

You can see how the ResourceSpace forest is growing here.

Ecologi allows us to build a more conscientious business, and we're incredibly proud to be part of their initiative. If you've always wanted to be a little greener but are unable to commit to your own eco-project, working with us means you're still able to make a positive contribution through the trees we plant on your behalf. From everyone at ResourceSpace, thanks for taking up the challenge to fight climate change with us.