ResourceSpace is open source - but what does that mean?

Unlike our competitors, ResourceSpace is completely open source - and always will be. Of course, unless you're technically minded, you might be wondering what that actually means for you.

Let's look at exactly what open source software is and what its benefits are. This will help you decide if you should choose an open source solution, or go for proprietary software.

Open source software. What is it - and why does it matter?

Open source is software that has its source code freely available. It's a specific approach to creating computer programs and it can apply to products, projects, or initiatives that embrace principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, and community-oriented development.

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The beauty of open source software is that anyone can adapt and enhance it.

No license fee to pay

Anyone can use open source software without paying a license fee. There's no vendor lock-in either, which means if you want to end your relationship with the vendor, you can, while retaining use of the software, with no need for an expensive migration.

ResourceSpace is open source software - it's a completely free, open source Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that you can have running as soon as it's downloaded.

What can you do with our open source DAM software?

The beauty of ResourceSpace is that the possibilities are almost endless. There are options for all different levels of expertise - you can use it whether you're an IT novice or an experienced coder. In other words, it's for everyone.

Ready out-of-the-box

Your open source Digital Asset Management software comes with plenty of great features ready to use 'out-of-the-box'. There's also a simple interface that's user-friendly for all members of your team.

If you don't take advantage of the ResourceSpace customisable features, this doesn't mean the software is any less powerful. You'll still be working with a high performance and complete product.


However, should the requirements of your organisation change, you've always got the option of customising your software. You can also benefit from the modifications built by others - and anyone can modify open source software. This allows for additions and customisations beyond what was originally envisaged and developed. For our clients with a support contract, we can even develop bespoke features suited to your specific needs and challenges.

Faster Innovation

One of the attractions of open source software is that it actively encourages users to bring their own ideas and experiences to the product. There are no licenses to purchase or permissions required and this means innovation and improvements can happen more smoothly and quickly than would otherwise be the case.

Because modifications are being carried out by front line users of the software, customisations are often insightful, productive and useful to others facing similar challenges.

Being part of something new

People enjoy using open source software because they become part of a community of like-minded users. The collaborative approach allows you to compare the modifications you've made and benefit from the work created by other developers from across the world.

Developers can also come together to decide how the software could be improved. They exchange ideas and form solutions and upgrades that would not otherwise be available in a more rigid proprietary format.

The alternative to open source - proprietary software

Proprietary software is probably what you're more used to. You pay a vendor to use it under the terms of a license. It's usually 'ready to go', but often comes with additional fees for support and development - if development is even possible.

You can't modify it to suit your needs, so you're limited in how you can use the software and its features. In other words, you and your organisation have to adapt to the software, rather than it adapting to you.

There might be user forums where you can discuss the product and find solutions to problems, but you won't benefit from an extensive online community of open source developers, happy to share their work and expertise to improve the software.

The common argument is that proprietary software is secure in a way that open source can never be - the belief that the 'open-door' element of open source software leaves it vulnerable to hackers.

However, any vulnerability is rare. The more expert users review the code, the more secure it is likely to be. Bugs and problems are much more likely to be spotted and reported, with far greater scrutiny than is possible for small teams of proprietary software engineers.

Open source Digital Asset Management vendors, such as ResourceSpace, are well-funded and supported commercial companies in their own right. They operate in the same ways as proprietary sellers, providing the same high levels of customer service and dependable products.

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