New customers - summer 2023

We’re always delighted to welcome new organisations to ResourceSpace. Whether starting afresh or moving from a free instance to one of our hosted options, our flexibility makes us a popular choice throughout the not-for-profit, public, heritage, and commercial sectors.

Not-for-profit and public sector 


As a conservation organisation, Everland works to mobilise investments into forest communities who are on the frontlines of deforestation and climate change, as well as safeguarding biodiversity. Their goal is to deliver conservation outcomes at scale.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Working to transform the future for everyone affected by the disease, Pancreatic Cancer UK fund ground-breaking research, campaign for change, and also provide extensive support via their friendly specialist nurses who offer a lifeline for patients. 


Montreal-based charity Équiterre have been working for nearly 30 years across food and agriculture, transportation and mobility, climate and energy, and production and consumption, in support of building a more environmentally responsible and equitable society. 

Arts, Heritage and Academic

Historic England

Historic England provides the main hub for all advice, research, publications, services and training on caring for the historic environment. As part of a large digitisation project, we’re thrilled that they’ve selected ResourceSpace as their core system to preserve and make the most out of their rapidly growing collections.


The ADVN is an archive and research centre, recognized by the Flemish Community as a national cultural archive institution. From an open social mind and based on a scientific and professional methodology, the ADVN collects, preserves and manages the heritage of the Flemish movement, spanning its broad history and themes.


Known internationally as a game-changer in the education of professional artists, and with a thriving, inclusive community, we’re thrilled that California Institute of the Arts have selected ResourceSpace as a central hub for all of their digital assets. 

University of Birmingham

With over 350 undergraduate and 600 postgraduate courses on offer, the University of Birmingham encourages independent thinking, offering a high-quality academic experience within a diverse university community. We’re delighted to welcome them to ResourceSpace!



Based in Columbus, Ohio, Gabgrab work with user generated content: capturing, producing and organizing UGC or ‘grabs’ to help businesses of all sizes ensure they have access to valuable customer success feedback and stories.

Magic Mobility

Magic Mobility is a leading Australian power wheelchair designer, developer and manufacturer, focusing on creating wheelchairs tailored to individual needs.

Nørgård Mikkelsen

Danish marketing and media agency Nørgård Mikkelsen have been helping an expanding portfolio of clients to develop innovative solutions, design brand strategies and drive growth since they were founded in 1967.

Speak to us about joining these fantastic organisations in using ResourceSpace for your Digital Asset Management system. Alternatively, sign up for a free system here for 10GB of cloud storage with no time limit.