Montala Limited's 2023 B-Corp Annual Impact Report

We’re excited to share a some news from the company behind the scenes.

Montala Limited, the employee owned business that powers ResourceSpace, has just released its 2023 B-Corp Annual Impact Report.

For those who might not know, Montala is the company that originally developed ResourceSpace for Oxfam back in 2006. We've come a long way since then - and we're still committed to quality, transparency, and trust. Here's a quick review of our journey since we became a B-Corp last year.

What’s a B-Corp, anyway?

A B Corporation™ is a business that balances profit and purpose. To become certified, we had to meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards. It’s a testament to how we operate - not just chasing profits but working for the common good.

Last year, for our first assessment, we scored an impressive 105.4 points on the scale, well beyond the requirement of 80 points.

Our achievements this year

  • Community: Montala has always believed in giving back. This year, we engaged in local projects, like spending time at Restore, a mental health charity, doing gardening and repairs. And, looking forward, we’re eager to strengthen our ties with local charities like Thames Valley Air Ambulance and local food banks.
  • Environment: We're green at heart. Thanks to partnering with Ecologi, we’ve planted over 54,000 trees this year and offset more than 80 tonnes of CO2e. All employees now have the option to work remotely, reducing the environmental impact of daily commutes.
  • Workers: Our team is our strength. We introduced a new wellness scheme, flexible working hours and made adjustments to cope with rising living costs. We’re proud to say our staff satisfaction scores remain high.
  • Customers: Your feedback matters. Our client satisfaction averaged 4.95 out of 5, and we’re constantly looking for ways to make our service even better.

The Montala team are dedicated to more than just delivering a great Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. We’re committed to our team, our clients, the environment, and the community.

Curious to find out more about our journey? Read our full Annual B-Corp Impact Report.