ResourceSpace - FREE for remote workers

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of employees around the world are suddenly finding themselves working remotely.

In this situation, access to digital assets - such as your product and marketing files - is more important than ever. And it's not just a matter of loading your files on to an SFTP server or Google Drive - your assets need to be organised and managed so they're used correctly. They need to be relevant, on brand and only accessed by the right people too.

At ResourceSpace, this is our forte. For many years we've been helping hundreds of organsations do just that, and our software is inherently web based and remotely accessible.

We've been thinking about ways we can help. Here's what we've come up with:

  • We've increased the storage allowance for our free systems. There's no time limit, all functions are enabled and you can add as many users as you like.
  • In addition, we've made our previously paid onboarding process available for free to users of these systems to ensure your system is set up correctly and is as effective as possible.

We're standing by to help.