We're back in the office, and the future looks hybrid

Being a tech-based company, flexibility is built into our processes, and whilst remote work wasn't a novel experience for the ResourceSpace team, the events of 2020 certainly challenged us in new ways. We're very thankful for the ongoing support from our clients and are pleased that our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system was able to facilitate remote working for so many in the UK and abroad.

As things continue to move in the right direction towards a better, healthier future, we're thrilled to be making a return to ResourceSpace HQ, albeit with a new approach.

Working from home has enabled us to continue delivering exceptional service, cut down on our weekly commutes, and kept us safe. But, we are social beings, and for us, the office provides many obvious benefits, like designated work stations and face-to-face communication with one another and clients -- because, for all its great features, Google Meet has its limitations!

So, going forward into 2021, we'll be implementing a hybrid work model that gives our team the option to work from home, and the ability to pop into the office when required.

Like many, we've also found that working remotely has positively impacted our people and our business. This new model allows our team the flexibility to spend more time with family, cut down on commuting, and limits the number of people entering the office each day - making things easier to manage from a health and safety perspective.

We're keeping our 10GB free service

We know that remote access to digital assets is more important than ever. We also know that for most organisations, a basic cloud-based drive just isn't enough. You need a way to efficiently organise your assets and control the finer details around who can access, edit and share them. That's why, in March of last year as the pandemic was taking hold, we introduced our free 10GB hosted service.

In the past year, we've welcomed roughly three hundred new users each month, all keen to enable better digital asset management for their businesses. We're pleased that so many people have been able to take advantage and enjoy the benefits of ResourceSpace.

If you haven't already, you can sign up for a free account and enjoy 10GB of storage space. This isn't a trial - all features are enabled and you can have it, for free, for as long as you like.

How does a DAM facilitate remote working?

With a DAM, you can access and update your digital assets remotely - an essential factor in your ability to continue operating during lockdowns, as we saw. A DAM enables communication and better collaboration, so people are able to work together on projects even if they're not in the same office - or country - simultaneously.

The DAM serves as a hub. It's where all information and assets are stored centrally, allowing for projects to progress without requiring everyone to be back in the office.

A well-organised DAM system helps everyone to stay productive as a workgroup, regardless of location. Documents, files, videos and presentations are safely stored, with the correct security settings applied, ensuring that your organisation is never compromised.

We'd love to know how ResourceSpace helped you during the pandemic and if there's anything more we can do to ensure you get the most out of using our platform. You can learn more about our managed services here.