A Digital Asset Management system can help you with lots of challenges your organisation may face. 

Your storage system might be chaotic causing employees to spend far too long looking for a particular file, or you might find that they use outdated assets or logos much too often. There could be issues with licensing and copyright or difficulty sharing large files with external contacts. 

This is our personalised Digital Asset Management assessment. There are 21 questions that will delve into how your organisation manages its digital assets at the moment. These alone will highlight the features of any decent DAM system but, best of all, once you’ve answered them all, you’ll be provided with a personalised report straight away detailing how a Digital Asset Management system could fit into your organisation and the specific challenges it will solve for you. 

If you’d like to test drive a full version of ResourceSpace, completely free, forever, you can download a system here - and get started straight away. 

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