Report a problem with ResourceSpace

We appreciate being informed of any issues or perceived security vulnerabilities you may discover with ResourceSpace.

Before submitting a report please check the following:-

  • Your organisation doesn't have a have a commercial contract with us. Supported customers should have their designated contact raise issues directly with their Customer Success representative.
  • You are running the latest release of ResourceSpace
  • You are not running modified code or non-standard plugins
  • The error is not down to a misconfiguration (e.g. an invalid usergroup or resource type configuration override)
  • The software is installed correctly - go to "System", "Installation check" from the top admin menu. All items should read 'OK'. If not, check the installation guides.

Once you are sure the bug is due to a problem with the code and remains unfixed please fill out this form with as much detail as possible, including error messages or screenshots where possible.

* denotes a required field

It would be very helpful if you can provide a screen capture showing the issue.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that screen captures and other files you send to Montala do not contain sensitive personal data, and have been suitably obfuscated if sensitive data was present. Montala will not be held responsible for the security of sensitive information sent via a bug report.

Please confirm the following:-