Showing resource type icons

ResourceSpace can be configured to show a small icon denoting the resource type when searching for resources in the thumbnail or extra large thumbnail view. Font Awesome version 4 is used for the icons.

This can be enabled by setting the config option $resource_type_icons to true either in your config.php file or as a config override for a user group.

By default ResourceSpace will display the icons in the following way:

This can be changed by modifying the $resource_type_icons_mapping variable, by default it is:

$resource_type_icons_mapping = array(1 => "camera", 2 => "file", 3 => "video-camera", 4 => "music");

You could add another resource type and its icon by extending that array, for example:

$resource_type_icons_mapping = array(1 => "camera", 2 => "file", 3 => "video-camera", 4 => "music", 7 => "paint-brush");