Discount code

This plugin is for E-commerce ResourceSpace installations which allow users to buy resources.

The plugin attaches a discount facility for prospective purchasers of resources. Discount codes are setup as follows:

  1. Setup an E-commerce usergroup which will define the users capable of purchasing resources from the website.
  2. Locate the "discount_code" plugin and activate it.
  3. Select the "Options" link on the "discount_code" plugin. The system will display the following page:-
  4. plugin-discountcode-setup
  5. Use the setup page to create the discount codes you wish to be available.
  6. You can supply an expiry date against each discount code if you want it to be time limited.

When the user logs on to ResourceSpace and views a resource, they will see the "Add to basket" button

Having added one or more resources to their basket, the user has the option to "Buy now".

Clicking the button will present them with the "Buy now" page which will include an input field where they can key in a discount code.


If a correct discount code is supplied, then the corresponding discount will be applied to the purchase amount.